Friday, May 28, 2010

The San Antonio Public Library wants your opinion!

As the next step in its strategic planning process, the San Antonio Public Library is conducting a public survey to gather community input on current library resources and services as well as new directions the library should take in the future. A questionnaire has been mailed to households throughout the City and County covering topics such as how people currently use the library, what needs exist for new resources and services, and what the priorities are for library service in the next five years. Both library users and non-users are included in the survey.

Library Director Ramiro Salazar emphasized the importance of responding to the survey. “Customer service is the highest priority of the San Antonio Public Library. As we plan the San Antonio Public Library of the future, it is essential to have input from the entire community, both those who use libraries regularly and those who use them infrequently or not at all. We ask that everyone who receives a survey complete and return it.” Mr. Salazar noted that, in order to ensure responses from a wide range of County residents, the survey was available in both English and Spanish.

The Community Needs Assessment survey is being administered by consultants ETC Institute and is funded through gifts and donations to the Library. For more information the public may call (210) 207-2631.

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