Thursday, April 30, 2009

Library Helps Separate Swine Flu Fact from Fiction

With cases of swine flu identified as close as neighboring Guadalupe County, community concern is increasing and citizens are searching for accurate, reliable information on the virus, preventative measures, and treatment. The library has established a guide on our website to help separate fact from fiction and link patrons to reliable sources.

The special section on swine flu has been added to the library’s guide for Health & Wellness, http://guides.mysapl.org/health, and provides patrons with links to updated statistics and the basic facts about swine flu. For the latest information, the library recommends the following web sites:

· Metro Health
The website for the City of San Antonio's Health Department. The site has a clickable link with current Swine Flu information. Includes 800 number for Swine Flu information: 1-(888)-777-5320.
· CDC Swine Flu Website
The website for the Centers fro Disease Control and Prevention has a section devoted to information about Swine Flu. The site includes the latest statistics on the number of cases.
· World Health Organization
The website for the World Health Health Organization. It includes the latest International information and lists travel advisories.

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